Bulldogs With Happy Families

My husband and I have always wanted a French bulldog. We love everything about the breed and had been trying to get on a list to get a French bulldog in our home state of Oregon but had no luck. We left for spring training in Arizona with the hope of finding a French bulldog puppy in Arizona. After searching around on the Internet we came across Royal Puppy Kennel and gave them a call inquiring about a litter of puppies. We happened to call at the perfect time because they had some puppies ready to go! We drove out to look at them and the puppies were adorable! Royal Puppy Kennel was so great about answering all of our questions and letting us have some time to play with the puppies and see if we developed a connection. They were wonderful to work with! We immediately fell in love with the little white French bulldog with black spots. She was so calm and quiet and we knew right away that she was going to be our sweet girl! We named her Lilly because of her sweet temperament and loving personality. She has been the best puppy! From night number 1 with us she was crate trained and slept through the entire night. To this day she is a quiet puppy and hardly ever barks. Potty training took a month or so, but she is a smart girl and has it down now! It has been so fun to watch her personality develop. She is very outgoing and playful and loves all people and all dogs. She is so easy going and she is the perfect travel companion. She has already traveled all over the west coast and she is only 5 months old! She is the perfect baseball dog! We are so thankful to Royal Puppy Kennel for our amazing little French bulldog who has enriched our lives and given us so much happiness already!
Dan Strailey
Oakland A's Pitcher
"We've wanted a baby bulldog for years and our little Hercules is perfect! We are so in love. The breeders at Royal Puppy Kennel have been amazing and we recommend them for any of your bulldog needs... Especially if it's a puppy you're looking for!"
Shawna and Nate Potter
Arizona Cardinals Football
Hi Cindy and Sandy He continues to enjoy eating… as evidenced by his weigh-in yesterday…. 26.9 lbs. He is growing great and a his personality is totally coming out. He indeed is a mellow guy. But he also loves to play and snuggle as well. He is making great friends with the two kittys in the house. Ever the friend offering them a toy to play… Problem is, they just don’t quite know what he wants and will look at him and walk off. Hoping the cats figure out that he wants to play and will begin playing a bit with him. For now, they just kind of hang out watching each other or laying within a foot of each other. Pup follows them around and seems content with that for the moment. Cats allow it and will then turn around and sniff noses with him. He’s smart and has pretty much got the potty routine down pat as well as sit and paw. We’re learning to walk on the halter/leash, and working the other commands/training as well. We’re teaching the “poochie bells” at the back door for potty training, and will let you know how that works. So far, he’s connecting the two, but will be excited when he goes to the door and rings the bells to tell us he wants to go outside. Figure he will have that down in the next 2-3 months as he gets closer to 6-7 months. He’s a true delight and couldn’t have been any better “medicine” for KC and our house. You were just so right about integrating him before we lost our Big Bully. And, the big bully really did enjoy him the couple of weeks they were together. I would wholeheartedly recommend people take your advise on this aspect as you really did know best.
The Comstock Family
English Bulldog Owners
Update on Paddington (Testimonial is below)!! Thank you Royal Puppy Kennel! Our English Bulldog has been the healthiest and happiest dog. Cindy痴 expertise, attention to quality, and passion for finding good families was important to us as new owners. Purchasing one of her dogs has been a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend her to those seeking only the best. Throughout the past six years, Cindy has always been a resource of information and has made us lifetime clients and friends. We just can稚 thank you enough for little Paddington and the joy he continues to bring to our lives.
Chris and Veronica Paddington
Piggy Owner
We got Max one year ago this month. We love him so much! He's the King of the Castle. He loves water, eating, snoring, and sleeping in our bed. We couldn't ask for a more loving best friend. We plan to add to our family in the near future. We would like to bring Max with us when we are ready to come to you. We hope you and your family have a healthy and happy New Year!!
Ari & Bobbi Schiff
English Bulldog Owner
Thank you so much for selling me one of LeRoy’s offspring. BEAR is an awesome dog, we couldn't be more pleased. He is so much fun and, very, very intelligent. I am looking forward to breeding him someday soon, the little female you recently sent us is incredible as well and they get along wonderful.
2 awesome Bulldogs from Cindy at Royal Puppy Kennel = A very happy family!
Thanks again,
Wally & Sue Brown
Thousand Oaks, CA
As for our (I have to include my wife - she really likes him too), experience - it's been wonderful! The vet checked him completely and he is healthy with no problems at all. He is growing so fast and is one of the funniest pups I have ever been around. Everything he does is just a laugh. He has a wonderful personality, so happy to meet everyone, and likes to go to doggie daycare to play and meet new friends. He went last monday for his first time for half a day. Played so hard he slept almost all the next day.
When I came to see you, I was very impressed. Your place was very nice, clean, and many questions were anserwed in my own mind by just looking around. We couldn't be happier. Soon we will be going to Colorado so he can meet all the grandkids and family. They have all seen pictures but pictures just doesn't do him justice. You have to meet him to get the full experience.
Lance Kilgroe
English Bulldog Owner
Hi Cindy,
Dropping you a note to let you know Surfette is doing great. We love her so much. She now weighs 47 lbs. She is such a healthy girl and I couldn't have asked for a better friend. My girl is now 15 months old. I'm very proud of her. Thanks for making it possible for me to own such a beautiful bull.
Surfette Owner
I would like to take this opportunity to praise Royal Puppy Kennel. Our family has had English Bulldogs for over 20 years. Once a Bully lover, you never change!! We were fortunate to come in contact with Royal Puppy and Cindy! Her pups are absolutely beautiful and we ended up with 3!!!! These pups have grown into beautiful, healthy, active and kind dogs......we love them with all our hearts! Cindy was helpful to us in every way. She was always professional and willing and able to answer every question or concern we had. Anyone looking for a beautiful Bulldog Puppy should look no further than Royal Puppy Kennel......They are the best!!! We are thankful everyday for Cindy and her wonderful doggies!!!
Ben and Denise Tucker
A Happy Bulldog Family
Hi Cindy,

"Oliver" is wonderful, we LOVE him. Steve took him to work yesterday,today and is going to for the first few weeks (I think he'll probably always take him!!). Ollie follows Steve around, they are already best friends. Our son, Enzo, was smiling and touching him yesterday, Ollie was really sweet with him. We absolutely adore him. As you can see from the picture, he is very happy with his daddy. It took him about 5 minutes to start playing with his toys after he arrived home from the airport.

I will send you pictures as he grows. He will be very well taken care of and has a family who loves him very much. Please don't worry about him at all. Best wishes,
Steve and Kim
Hi Cindy,

Thank you for the advice. Diamond is such a joy, we love to watch her put all her toys in a pile, what a smartie pants! She is our little blessing, we just love her so much!
Thanks again, best wishes,
I just couldn't help myself! I had to update you on French Bulldog, Junkyard! He is without a doubt the smartest dog I have ever owned!
He already knows how to sit, stay, shake, roll over, gives high fives, raises his paw when you say who loves poodles and he will spin on command also! I am amazed daily! Thanks for the wonderful addition to our family!
Kristy Smith
VeriCore, LLC
Just thought you might like to see how big our English Bulldog Titus is getting. We love him soooooooooo much and couldn't have asked for a better dog!
Proud Bulldog Owner
Hi Sandy & Cindy!

We could not be more excited about Rocco! He is such a sweet pea & has made himself quite @ home! He is doong so well! It is like we have a newborn, we don't want to move when he falls asleep on us! I will send some pics with him & the boys tomorrow from our desktop! We are so in love! Thank you so much!
Proud Bulldog Owner
We first met Cindy 6 years ago when we purchased our first bulldog, Buddy. He was the most gorgeous looking bulldog we had ever seen. He was my Mom’s little prince. Approximately, five years ago, tragedy struck our family to the very core. My Mom allowed my brother to spend the weekend in San Diego so he could show off his talents as a DJ. Given the fact that he wanted to spend one extra night in San Diego, he asked my Mom if she would drive and pick him up versus returning via airplane. As always, my Mom accommodated my brother’s wishes. Unfortunately, on the way home, we were involved in a horrible car accident which not only resulted in my brother’s death, I was told someone stole Buddy from the scene. Cindy tried to help us find him, but unfortunately we never did. We stayed in contact with her for when we felt ready to own another Bully. Five years later and we felt it was time. Of course we went to Royal Puppy Kennel again and we found our little Royal Highness. She is the spitting image of Buddy and she has his strut. She is also very funny she thinks that she is a queen, she bosses around our other animals and she is not even half their size. Not only does Royal Puppy Kennel have the highest quality of dogs but Cindy is a true animal lover. She strives to find happy owners for all her wonderful dogs. I have to say that I have never found more beautiful bulldogs or more loved dogs. Cindy is a treasure.
Kim and Chelsea Gaarder
Proud Bulldog Owner
We want to thank you guys again my boyfriend fell in love with him! We took him to the vet yesterday for his updates he is healthy and loving his new toys and home! Thank you guys so much!!!
Proud Bulldog Owner
Where do I begin... Over ten years ago I got my bullie Roscoe from Cindy at Royal Kennel Bulldogs and I have been so incredibly lucky to have him in my life. Before I met my now husband, he has always been my rock (and still is to this day). He and I moved from AZ to Denver and we now live in Seattle with our family. Roscoe is the healthiest and most incredible bulldog I could've ever imagined. I was so picky when looking for him and I did a ton of research about how to differentiate between "cute" bulldog puppies and " healthy, well- bred" bulldog puppies before deciding on him.

Here I am 10 years later, I know I still made the right decision. He has not had a surgery (except neutering), no health issues, no hip displacia or any of the common issue that bulldogs face. When I tell people Roscoe is 10, the reaction is always the same and no one can believe how good he looks and claim he seems to be more like what people think a 4 year old bullie would act and be like. .

I lost touch with Cindy thru the years, but everyone always asked me where I got Roscoe and always gave them Cindy's name and Royal Kennel Bulldogs. So on our most recent trip to AZ in November 2013, I looked Cindy up to see if she had any babies and wanted my now family to see what I was so lucky to see when I first got Roscoe. We went to visit Cindy having no intention of getting another puppy "yet". However, we fell in love with a little girl who ended up getting sold the same day we decided we wanted her. We couldn't quite bite the bullet that day and we were very sad that we missed out and so was Cindy. We were sure we wanted to add a little girl bullie to our family and Cindy went above and beyond to get us a pick of the litter girl that we just fell in love with at first sight. I flew in to get her on Thanksgiving night and we now have Petunia as part of our family! We are so in love and look forward to many many more years with Petunia and her big brother Roscoe by her side to teach her the ways. We will always have a bulldog in our family and as long as Cindy is breeding, we would never considering getting one elsewhere!
Courtney and Jeff Ostlund
Proud Bulldog Owner